A chef isn’t just for Christmas!

It’s a stressful time

The Christmas period can be overwhelming to say the least! All the presents and food shopping, meeting friends and family, decorating the house, it can be a busier time at work also for some of us – just adding to the stress!

Harper Fine Dining and Harper Chef Specialists have become more and more aware of the desire/need for hiring a private chef at this time of year allowing yourself to sit back and enjoy the festivities.

Why not have the food shopping done for you? The organisation and planning all taken care of – the best quality ingredients sourced and cooked to perfection in your own home for you and your family to enjoy.

Enjoy a festive feast

We suggest a Christmas feast including canapés and champagne to start. When seated, first a chestnut veloutè, followed by a luxurious fish course then the main event, Turkey and/or goose with all the trimmings and exceptional gravy – the best bit! A dessert of Christmas pudding or chocolate fondant with an option of cheese and a great glass of port if you are really wanting to enjoy indulging. A coffee and mini mince pie will finish your meal perfectly.

This is all served by our team of fantastic waiters and waitresses with ease, care and enjoyment.

Minimising the stress even more you could have our sommelier pick out scrumptious wines to match the courses and make your festive meal even more special.

If you enjoy cooking on Christmas Day we could help you out with a Boxing Day buffet or a canapé party on New Year’s Eve.

Sourcing amazing chefs for you is what we do best!!

Time now for a healthy start

After all of the indulging, we try to get back to normality, or better still we make resolutions to improve our lifestyle. We want to lose those Christmas pounds and try to gain a better understanding of a healthy lifestyle – new year, new start.

How about hiring a chef that is nutritionally trained to help teach you the right foods to eat, making them taste delicious, shopping for them, allowing you to resist those impulsive buys when shopping yourself.

The chef could teach you how to cook, perhaps in a way you hadn’t thought of before, you could discover new techniques to make healthy foods interesting, they can show you how to recreate the dishes easily. The chef can work alongside you for a number of hours, days, weeks or months until you gain the understanding that you need. Your knowledge of nutrition and it’s health benefits will grow along with your cooking ability and you will have lots of new interesting ideas.
if your not interested in joining in with the cooking yourself perhaps you could leave it all to the chef to do it for you – shopping, prepping, cooking and serving – maybe you would like him to have a permanent position in your household to keep you on track to becoming the healthiest version of yourself all year.

Your chef can always prepare a dinner party for your friends and family, so you can have a special treat from time to time!

Book a Private Chef

Minimum Spend Note: For small groups there is a minimum spend of £1000 + VAT. This includes 5 courses and a private chef. The cost calculated is dependent upon the number of guests and courses but all quotes are subject to the minimum spend. If you require a waiter this will be a supplement cost of £200 + VAT.  Menus with exclusive Caviars or White Truffles may have a supplementary charge.

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