A Serving of Street Food and Vietnamese Vitality


Arriving in Hanoi- Wow what a culture shock. Buzzing, bustly, noisy, dishevelled. Motorbikes everywhere, people sat on their haunches working on what they can to make a small living. everything from shoe shining, haircuts on the street, bike repairs and most interesting of all, street food and tonnes of it! Each serve one speciality be it noodles, quickly fried together with meet, garlic and loads of herbs in a hot wok to produce a delicious dish…


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Is Sous Vide Cooking Over Rated?


It’s become a big trend to cook sous vide, water bathing fish and meat is a good method to tenderise and it allows for even cooking throughout while keeping the shape. It is a good technique for controlling temperatures and in kitchens, an effective tool for organisation and time saving.


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Culinary London: Fine Dining In The Capital


Since the new year we have had a couple of foodie trips to London. We love how varied the London restaurant scene is from markets to Michelin starred fine dining restaurants and everything in between, you can’t go wrong! The restaurants we have recently visited and would highly recommend are…

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Culinary Perfection In Cape Town


After a trip to Cape Town I am feeling thoroughly inspired. It’s a place where both fish and meat are of the highest quality and are cooked with skill and finesse by some of the worlds leading chefs. A foodies heaven! Fine dining at unbelievable value.

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