Italian Inspiration With Mr Al-Fayed’s Former Personal Chef

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I’m feeling extremely inspired, having just received 4 days tuition with a top Michelin star chef, and ex personal chef for Mr Al-Fayed. What a great guy, and chef to match. Matteo was passionate, focused and excited about Italian cooking.

For me Italian cookery is world class. In fact I would say Italian is my favourite cuisine. Tuition from such a top chef was an incredible experience, which I learned a great deal from, will remember forever and will change the way I prepare and cook Italian dishes from now on.

The most important thing I learnt was the simplicity of the ingredients, how there were so few ingredients, that’s the secret of Italian cookery, less is more but when executing the dishes making it a technical process, with a lot of love and labour going into every aspect.

Produce is key. Using only the best, freshest ingredients makes all the difference.

Personally, it’s interesting that each region of Italy has its own typical dishes and style of cooking, how they tend to cook in only that region’s way using only ingredients typical in that one place.

Having travelled extensively around Italy I have become completely obsessed with the cuisine, not only that, the culture, people, architecture and wine. Italy is a very special place to me. We got married there in Tuscany on a vineyard and have made some special Italian friends who are all so excited and passionate about their country in a way that is contagious, not forgetting my new chef friend Matteo.

We have loved every single place we have visited in Italy, but our heart lies in Tuscany. The food and wine is just to my palate, meaty and robust food with wine bold and juicy.

I am so proud to have learned classics from a true Italian chef. Many chefs get Italian cookery wrong, I am happy that I now know how it’s really done!

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