Nespresso anyone?

 Nespresso is taking over

It seems like Nespresso is trying to take over the coffee world and they are making a big effort to do so. The marketing is fantastic, helped by being glamourised by gorgeous famous people like George Clooney. Their stores are elite looking and the customer is drawn in by the prospect of being a member of the ‘club’. It is indeed a fantastic business model and for this it is the industries market leading brand.

With the effortless and convenient one cup coffee – Nespresso, claiming to have all kinds of strengths showing notes of this and that making it even more appealing to the client, when in fact (to me) they have only varying colours of pretty pods which have only a slight difference in taste being a little more or a little less ‘ash’ flavour!! I feel like the all taste burnt.

Slick Packaging draws us in

The machines are inexpensive, slick and stylish again drawing us in.

I recently purchased a small machine to keep at my mother in laws house as she isn’t a coffee lover. I chose Nespresso because everyone raves about how good they are. Am I the only one not a fan?

I’ve tried so many different capsules and I really haven’t found one that doesn’t taste like an ash tray has been tipped into it.

Im no expert but…

I am no coffee expert but I know what I like and feel I have a half decent palette. I love to drink coffee and like to find artisan coffee shops wherever I go. At home I use a bean to cup espresso machine along with an aeropress and a V60. I love a fruity clean coffee and I certainly don’t get this from a Nespresso pod.

It surprises me that everyone speaks so highly of this product, maybe it’s more the marketing of the posh looking capsules and cool machines that leads us to believe it’s better than it is.

The fact is there is nothing like freshly ground coffee, bean to cup with tasting notes that actually reflect the flavour and not just talk us into thinking it has a different taste.

Book a Private Chef

Minimum Spend Note: For small groups there is a minimum spend of £1000 + VAT. This includes 5 courses and a private chef. The cost calculated is dependent upon the number of guests and courses but all quotes are subject to the minimum spend. If you require a waiter this will be a supplement cost of £200 + VAT.  Menus with exclusive Caviars or White Truffles may have a supplementary charge.

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