Our Love of Organisation and Planning Canapé Events.

Moving to London

Since moving to London we have been lucky enough to organise corporate canapé events in some really interesting venues, car show rooms and galleries.

Dean and I thoroughly enjoy the whole process from visiting the venue, thinking about the menu/appropriate canapé options for the style/time of year of the event, taking into consideration the ‘kitchen’ space and facilities.

Picking the perfect chef

We pick out the perfect chef who we know will be fantastic for the type of event, numbers and style of canapés.  Alongside the chef we choose the appropriate number of waiting staff.  This is crucial to ensure a smooth fluid service of canapés and drinks.  We are methodical when it comes to communication, copying all members of the team into the correspondence so that nobody is unsure of all of the service, what food/drinks are being served, along with all of the details of the ingredients and the timings.  All of the team now know each other well and work like clockwork together.

We organise cloak rail, ice chalices, champagne buckets, napkins, glass wear, serving trays and absolutely anything else that may be needed.  We ensure a prompt delivery and pick up of these items.

Chef prepares

Chef prepares the food beforehand and finishes off/constructs the canapés at the venue.  We arrange for the friendly and efficient waiting team to arrive 1-2 hours before to gain an understanding of how the party will work, set up and be there to greet guests and take their coats.

We love to attend the events and ensure all is running smoothly.  It’s fantastic for us to see how well the staff work together as a team and watch the evening we have worked hard to organise and pull off perfectly, keeping to time without delays, stress and most of all seeing all of the guests enjoying the evening, the drinks and food service and especially enjoying the home made food – we vow only to have home made products (no crispy supermarket bought tartlet cases, only real, freshly made ones – of course!!)

Communication is key

We pride ourselves on our ability to organise extremely well.  Communication is key.  Our experience was gained whilst organising private dinner parties via our website www.harperfinedining.co.uk.

Book a Private Chef

Minimum Spend Note: For small groups there is a minimum spend of £1000 + VAT. This includes 5 courses and a private chef. The cost calculated is dependent upon the number of guests and courses but all quotes are subject to the minimum spend. If you require a waiter this will be a supplement cost of £200 + VAT.  Menus with exclusive Caviars or White Truffles may have a supplementary charge.

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