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We always use our trusted supplier Emma Trim who is the owner of Beyond Food Consultancy. Emma goes the extra mile and sources only the finest British produce directly from the farms of local organic farmers and even has early morning trips out for when the fresh fish comes in. Emma personally picks out the fish, meat and vegetables that she is the most happy with, ensuring the very best quality. Her standards are extremely high and her knowledge is impeccable. Emma worked as a manager in the Harrods Food Hall for many years and also in the Food Hall, Selfridges Oxford St. From this she gained contacts with some of the finest, world class food producers, who she maintains to work closely with. Emma is a Caviar specialist and has extensive knowledge in this feild. If you choose to have our Caviar, Oyster and Champagne evening, Emma will organise this to perfection for you! Once your menu is designed your chef will put his order in with Emma who will travel to the local farms that she works with to collect the produce, she will then drop it off with the Chef. At times she may even drop off at your house too. Our clients always enjoy chatting to her as she is unbelievably passionate and its hard not to gain an excitement from her energy.

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