Is Sous Vide Cooking Over Rated?

It’s become a big trend to cook sous vide, water bathing fish and meat is a good method to tenderise and it allows for even cooking throughout while keeping the shape. It is a good technique for controlling temperatures and in kitchens, an effective tool for organisation and time saving.

All this is good and well but I can’t help but feel that I prefer the classic cooking method. Somehow I feel a sous vide piece of meat or fish seems very anomic and even when caramelised in the pan afterwords you still don’t get the robust flavours and textures that you do cooking classically.

Sous Vide fish and meat to me can be too tender or too soft not giving me the texture I expect and enjoy when eating my fish and meat.

As a chef I also feel it takes away the pleasure, what’s better than butchering the meat or filleting a fish, seasoning it and cooking it in a hot pan, hearing great sounds while you gage the temperature and know by site and touch and assessing the meat or fish until is cooked to your liking. I feel the flavour from herbs used in this way also pack a bigger punch than used in a sous vide bag.

Just putting the product into a plastic bag doesn’t really do it for me and I feel it takes away the skill from cooking. Not to mention the fact that it’s cooked for a long time in plastic. We use glass containers to store foods as not to have them in contact with plastics so doesn’t this contradict all we fear about this. I drink bottled water only choosing glass bottles so I find it hard to apply heat to the plastic that my food is in,  Cooking it for a long time.

Call me old fashioned, I have a water bath but more and more I am going back to the way I know and love. In fact I can’t remember the last time I used it!

Thoughts please?

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